Friday, February 10, 2006


You moved
Like a different person
So delicate
With that cigarette
In you hand
The way you opened
The door
The way the curves
Of your legs
Came to be
Maybe it
It was the full moon
Stirring uncharted regions
Of your heart

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I have lost control
Of something
Ugly like the tires
Of a thousand automobiles
That stroke
The concrete
That protrusion of death
Those lanes of anxiety
Pollution of the mind
That sarcastic smile

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The moon
Had the most
Intense halo
It was time
To write poetry
In bed with her
Once again


She said she likes
My hair
And my glasses
I told her she looked
Like a rock star
Chic red hair
Dreamy eyes
Red lipstick on
She said
I have my guitar
In my car
And I want you
To play with me
What time you’re off?
6:30 I said
I am off at 7:00
She said

Sunday, February 05, 2006


He told me poets take
Their lovers
To hotel rooms
And read poetry
Through the night
In a soft gentle voice
Whispering to them
Laying in bed
With the moonlight
Entering through their window
Listening to
The sound
Of the ocean
That music
So I followed his advice
But instead of
Reading I wrote to her:


How can I tell you
That you matter more
Than the stars
And the sky
That the winds
Of a hurricane
Can not
Erase your splendor
The 4 elements
Have no meaning
Without you
How can I tell you
That without you
I’ll be lost
On the oceans
Of uncertainty
I’ll be a satellite adrift
How can I say
That the full moon
Melts into folly
If you don’t touch me
I’ll become
A stray bullet
In the sadness of the night
What words can I use
To make you
Fall in love with me again
What bitter feelings
Will I have to drink
From a cup of seclusion
I will softly
Touch the doors
Of your heart
Quietly kiss them
So they open
Like a flower
That blooms
In winter.

Then she wrote to me:


My heart sings
For the melody
Of your kiss
The warmth
Of your eyes
Is what I need
My hand is the comb
For you hair
Your neck
Seduces my thoughts
I am unable
To speak.