Thursday, July 29, 2004


“When you drive
 Place your pistol under your thigh
 Take it out of the conceal holster
 It’s of no use there if you are on a car
If someone tries to carjack you
You can neutralize the attack promptly and efficiently”
“I have a question”
“Yes, go a head”
“Does neutralize means kill the thief?”
“Yes, well not exactly;
 It means to stop what the robber is doing.”
“Oh, okay”
“This is one of the best ways
 –He continued– 
To defend yourself while driving your car”


Cuando la ola
Me lanzó
Contra la arena
Sólo ví negro
Y traté de nadar
Hacia la superficie
Hacia el cielo
Salí de la oscuridad
Pude inhalar
Mis pulmones
Se alegraron
Mis ojos absorbieron
Los rayos del sol.