Saturday, December 05, 2009


The storm began
Without a single drop of rain
Without a single cloud
On a sunny day

The storm worked
Its effects
On the clearest sky
On the dusty ground

The storm was
Sounds clashing
With sounds
Water beating loose stones

But everything was completely dry
And there were
No incisions caused by erosion

Because victory came running
Riding a triumph
When he began
Praying into his cell phone

Thursday, December 03, 2009


The train slept
The rails of journey
Grew wings
And lifted up

Like a plane
Like a flock of birds

The passengers
Grew tired
Got sleepy

This account
Enters my ears
In a different language
In the language of music
In the mother tongue

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Let me help you
Because God has the resource
The means are only kindness

You can not denied the waiting obligation
The accidental corpse doesn’t want
To be lifted up

It is the show
Of the secrets of life

A personal interest of revelations
The rhythm of conscience
Hitting the upholstery of history

We all want to dance
We all can grove to that tune

After all
We are the people

The heart beats
And the beats are the best percussion
The best reclusion
The best resolution

Everything is like a contra of silence
I’ll make you whisper on the net
The wall falling down
The woman calling rosters
The Spanish girl having visions of time

I’ll make you whisper
I’ll make you say
I love you

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Crush your food before eating it
Crush it with your hand
Crush it with your fangs

Crush your nourishment before adding fire
Crush it with the help of water
Crush it and then lubricate it

Crush it and it will make oil
Crush it with the energy of your heart

Crush it in the supermarket with your eyes
Crush it as you sample the glance

Crush it before digesting it
Crush it before loving it
Crush it before disposing of it

Crush don’t waste it
Crush it and give it to the wild

Crush it inside a bag of hope
Crush it and make it well
Crush it very well
Crush it for the love of the world

Crush it not before blessing it
Crush it but do it with love
Crush my sight in your arms

Crush and go
Crush and burn
Crush tomorrow
Crush the snow

Monday, November 30, 2009


Sleep till it hurts
And then have breakfast
Coffee first

Look at the clear sky
The ocean
The islands
As your molars grind
What needs to be broken

Conversations begin
And stop as soon as they started
And you realized how good it is
To sleep & eat at this place

Coffee in the morning
And wine at night
The mystic told us on the 7th day:

You have everything you need

To drive an old car
Can be amusing
If the highway is cleared of traffic
If the music on the radio reminds you
Of were you need to
Keep your eyes
Keep your hands
And how to gamble
With your soul


On my way back
Through the countryside
And not by the ocean
I was stopped
At a military check point

The soldier in cammo garments
Was eating sunflower seeds
I noticed the bag in its hand
He noticed me noticing
And he didn’t care
Neither did I

He continued eating the seeds
I continued listening to the corridos
On the transceiver
Watching how the couple in front me
Got their yellow mustang searched

Waiting for my turn to be searched
Waiting for my turn to drive
A couple of meters forward
Waiting for my turn to wait some more

Can we searched your car? he asked
Of course I said
What do you do? he asked
I am writer I said
Do you have any weapons? he asked
I said no
What do you have in in the trunk?
Clothes I said
And he said: you can go

I drove home
And then I passed home
Thinking in the importance
Of taking a siesta