Saturday, August 26, 2006


She said it was
My luck day
Another lucky day?

But first I want to know
If it is
Valen… as in me vale?
Zuela…. as in suela


Why does inspector Vitela
With inspector Valenzuela

I can tell you that
The highway patrolmen
Are not highwaymen

So far they are
The good guys
In this border
Motion picture

You are the one
Who pronounced
The word "inspire"

Are you invoking

Maybe next time
You can take off
Your sunglasses

I would like
To see
The sun
In your eyes

Monday, August 21, 2006


I walked far away and I could see
To blue ocean to my left
Met all kinds of people and some
Where very nice and beautiful and knew
How to make love but did not know how
To be friendly and kind and gentle
So I kept walking and I would sing
A song once in awhile and the people
Would like that and they would
Give me something to drink

And then I fell in love with a girl
That had fire for hair and she knew
How to fire a rifle and how to
Keep my attention fixed on
Her youthful semblance
I would play guitar for her
And 1 day she was crying and told me
She was leaving me and I asked her why
And she said because she was going to miss me

Then I landed on a house the fed robots
And the kids there liked me very much
So much that when I told them that I
Might need to go back to the motherland
They began to cry but not like
The girl of the hair of fire
They cried in silence without tears
Their faces would turn otherworldly
But there was nothing ugly about that
Transformation that touched my eyes

And 1 of them wanted me to meet this girl
And he would beg me to ride motorcycles
And I would tell him I didn’t own a motorbike
And he would say “that’s okay I have 2”
And we went to the forest and rode them bikes
And he told me he liked guns
And then I crashed on a pine tree
But nothing happened to me or the machine

And then I finally met the girl
The was nothing out of the ordinary about her
Except that she looked like someone
I might of grownup with or gone to church with
And she made me feel at home with her presence
So we began to know each other in a very different way

And 1 night we got inside a silver dollar
And there was music there
It was Bob Marley telling a woman not to cry
And I told her that Bob was right (just in case she would start crying)
But she was unable to cry anyway

Because she would only cry for k9’s
And turtles and lizards and cats
And little white mice and elephants
And little fish of all colors
That swam sadly inside a fish tank
But we ended up in my bed anyway
Because she seemed like a nice girl

She would do breakfast in bed
And also she would scratch my back
And she was the best at what she did
And I left 2000 miles south
And she followed me and we lived
Near the beach and she seemed so happy
When everything was so crazy
But she was genuinely happy
So before we both went insane
She in a happy kind of way and I
In a lack of religion sort of way
We decided to move

So we headed back north once again
And I met witches and dogs that
Hang themselves trying to jump the fence
While they were still on a leach
And the surviving big dogs
Would kill the surviving tiny dogs
And law suits would ensue so
We got the hell out of there
Before there was more damage done

Then I started working for this guy
Who was a war veteran and he also was
The manager of a factory that produces
Devices than can turn matter into paper
And that was kind of a cool job but the
Supervisor was intimidating but very fair
And the owner likes to visit the factory
In his private helicopter

Then I decided it was time to get
Away from that employer because
They were better at making beer than paper anyway
And I was not tasting any of the beer but
They did shared their profits
And I thank the veteran for being tough and fair
Shook his hand and walked away

Then I started playing with words
And I liked that very much
So I got employment turning words
Into symbols that meant something different
But this is essentially the same thing