Friday, August 18, 2006


El canto
De las sirenas
Es un aullido cifrado
Dice ¡wow!
¡Que chingón!
Porque la muerte
Está cerca
Y anda bailando

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Entre la puerta
Y el guardafango
Hay una línea oscura
Allí se escondió la araña

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Do you leave the gates
Open or closed?
You should know
Gates are meant
To be open
Because they can’t be closed
All of the time
Only part of the time

And then it changes
It opens and then
It closes and then
It opens again

So tell me….
What is it going to be?

Oh Frank I wonder
If we can be friends
I wonder if you know
How to dance

Frank… Frankie… that’s it
Frankie goes to Hollywood
Is that you?

I saw a picture
Of a man or a woman
I could not tell
Climbing a mountain top
But it seemed to me
The climber was falling

With the red helmet
And the red jacket
And that red hand
Grasping desperately
To dear life

Red like blood
Blood of all those
Workingmen and workingwomen
So much blood
And all of the sudden
The higher ground became so
Very slippery

All that life spilled on
Operating rooms
And job sites
All that nutritional blood
That feeds vampires like you

You who die easy
With silver pens
And silver poems
With silver metaphors
And silver wings
With silver prayers
With those silver chalices

We have a date tomorrow
And you say:
Higher savings
Higher service
Higher ground

And I say:
You are freefalling
Form that summit
You built from
The ground up
With broken dreams
Shattered lives
And the sufferings
Of organic souls