Saturday, May 02, 2009


Why do the have to
Look so much like you do

They smile like you
Forcing the opening
Of their lips

Clenching their teeth
Looking fierce
Pretty & brave
Scientifically savvy

Their pets hate me
But they’re are not
As beautiful as you

A myriad of twin sisters
So similar but so different

Friday, May 01, 2009


The song says:
Dile que la quieres!
But she has a surgical mask on
And a conspicuous daughter
That follows her around

The song screams:
Dile que la quieres!
But when I asked for
A second opinion
It sounded like a pharmacy

Dile que las quieres!
And I venture to think
It is not medicine
That changes her face
But the music of the world

The speakers cry:
Dile que la quieres!
And I placed
A copy of Don Quixote
Back on the shelf

Dile que la quieres!
And I hurry out of
That section
Looking for vegetables

Dile que la quieres!
And I find the masked woman
Beside me picking produce
Her pupils like
Sharpened seeds

Dile que la quieres!
And I think about that phrase
About those words
I think about a mask
Kissing another mask

Dile que la quieres!
The difficulty
Is to discern
And order of Man
From a command
Of the heart

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I drove up
And saw the horse
Walking down the hill

A tire tied
To its tail

Scraping the gravel
And the dirt

Getting closer
To the water

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello Juan
Hello, how are you?
Fine, do you slept here?
Yes, right where you are

I even had a dream
I dreamt of a better time
I dreamt of the past
When it was less complicated

When my worries had to do
With exuberant issues

Like impressing girls
Or impressing my peers
Or becoming a millionaire
By playing the lottery

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have the most special tía
She cooks breakfast with the same
Flavor that grandma used to
Home made tortillas
Enchanting red salsa
Black coffee
And the potatoes
The potatoes are delicious

No salt needed
When food has the right touch
There’s no need for salt
Why cover flavor
If it is such a beautiful experience

Every ingredient visiting
My tastes buds
Was like a Jimmy Hendrix song

The family’s secret recipes
Are in the seasonings
That grow on the gardens
On the hearts & minds
Of loved ones

I once asked grandma
About her knowledge
She was an expert on
Herbs & plants

She spoke some words
On healing flowers
Then she gave me
An odd look
Then she smiled
And did not say anymore

Sunday, April 26, 2009


The judge brought
Some carne asada
And a bottle
Of red wine
She said:
The carne asada
Is for your mother
And I will share
The wine
With you


Beautiful you

I can not
And I will not
Forget you

Sitting gracefully
On the sofá
Like a heavenly apparition

Your eyes
Beaming with the
Delineations of love

I know
Who you are
I can tell you apart
I love you too

Your glance
Speaks the most
Attractive language

Sitting there
Looking strait
To the eye

Your gaze modified
With the effects
Of desire