Monday, April 27, 2009


I have the most special tía
She cooks breakfast with the same
Flavor that grandma used to
Home made tortillas
Enchanting red salsa
Black coffee
And the potatoes
The potatoes are delicious

No salt needed
When food has the right touch
There’s no need for salt
Why cover flavor
If it is such a beautiful experience

Every ingredient visiting
My tastes buds
Was like a Jimmy Hendrix song

The family’s secret recipes
Are in the seasonings
That grow on the gardens
On the hearts & minds
Of loved ones

I once asked grandma
About her knowledge
She was an expert on
Herbs & plants

She spoke some words
On healing flowers
Then she gave me
An odd look
Then she smiled
And did not say anymore


Blog Author said...

red salsa, hot cofee...
all these things are delightful

Martínez said...

Ingredients of survival...