Saturday, January 23, 2010


In the night
On the vastness of the sky
The four stars
Form a boxing ring

I know who the winner is
Who it was
Who it will be again

I breathe
Winter in
Exhale it
Like cigarette smoke

I know who is triumphant
I know who it was
Who it will be again

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Desperation makes the rhythm
Of death a constant drumming

The beat on life
A funky dance
Swimming in music
Is how the tune goes

Walking on the water of your madness
Fishing the debris in your drink
A whirlpool on the rocks

Even your language becomes beautiful
When you are dying

New names are given
With such a baptism
New hopes of reaching the free world

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

la cama mexicana

es un lugar donde se esconden

las palabras que se cruzaron

las que se tropezaron

en los accidentes de la intención

las risas ocasionadas

por una comedia secreta

las decisiones

de origen clandestino

los pensamientos fracturados

una maquina descompuesta

que produce resultados profesionales

consecuencias ejecutivas

que viven en el rechinar

de la madera de tu casa

duermes en un 3

y que bueno que no es un 4

duermes con la seducción

del árbol del mundo

nunca he dormido en el 1

me parece incómodo

y muy peligroso

duermes con el encanto

del cuchillo del cazador

duermes con el lobo desangrado

y su lengua cortada

tejido lacerado

que tiñe la nieve de rojo

duermes en la homeostasis

de tu deseo

en el sepulcro de tu astucia

duermes en esta cama

en este árbol rotundo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Are you going to write about rain?
A question like any other -I thought

I decided to write about rain
But the idea of water
Is the same
As the beginning

And the rain
Brings down water
Like the substance
That surrounds
The roundness of the world

Water is my love
Water is my life
Water is my death
My way to God

Water is your mouth
Water is your lips
Water is your love
That's what I thought

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The current of words
Clashes with the songs
Of morning mass

I put the book down
Alongside the other papers

They look so good together
As if they were going
To get married

The song of the bird
Can be transmitted
Through the wire
Where he stands

Through the grid of the world
Transportation of sound
Musical knowledge

With a feeling
That can only be imported
Through your eyes