Saturday, December 29, 2007


The lady on the red truck
Is an ultraist
She stopped on the freeway
To save a lost dog
A pretty dog
A black Labrador

I never seen nothing like this
Such animalistic affection

And I am close to tears
I am touched and
I kiss her
On her forehead

Because here in America
If such an action
Provokes an accident
It is just all right
You have
Mandatory insurance
With fabulous marketing
And magical deductibles

Such a heartfelt moment
Coming towards me
Through my
Broken windshield

But I keep thinking
About the other side
And the times
I could not stop my car
It was either
Save an unknown dog
Lost & lonely
In the middle
Of a toll road
Or save myself from
The ambushes of velocity
The ensnarement of sentimentalism
Or the surprise attacks
Of idolatry

Sometimes hitting
The brake pedal
Can have deadly results
So I hold fast
To the steering wheel
And hope for the best
And contact is made
At 100 miles per hour
I lose 1 fog light
1 parking light
My front bumper bends

But otherwise
The car continues
On a straight path

The ghosts behind me
Disappear since they
Are terrified
Of dogs that eat dogs

The canine glides
On the pavement
His legs point towards
The Pacific Ocean
It looks as if
It has fallen
While ice skating
At Olympic speeds
In my rearview mirror
It looks profoundly asleep

Thursday, December 27, 2007


My bright star
Princess of galaxies

Beauty in the sky
Miracle of my heart

My killing tigress
Come let us
Devour each other
With the fires
Of love

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Poetry comes
Like a
Megawatt woman

Without a
RF choke

When God created
The heavens
And the earth
He was thinking
In Spanish

In the beginning
His Spirit
Moved in
The waters

And He
Still does
To this day