Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was thinking
About the snake a killed

As the speaker
An older scholarly
Looking lady said:

We have to something
About the many children
Killing little animals

Earlier she had smiled at me
As I took a glass
Of red wine from the table

Now she stood with
A microphone in her hand
Pleading with her voice

Friday, October 30, 2009


La piedra
tiene 7 caras
7 formas de herir
Contemplaba esto
Mientras caminaba

And this time
A Chevy Truck
Sopped next to me
With 2 Mexican
Cowboys inside
The driver said:
I’ll take you there

Pero hice
la señal de adiós
Con la mano

And his face
Looked bewildered
And he drove away
Following the same route
Of the black car

Seguí mi camino
Pensando en
Cuál de las 7 caras
Duele más


It is a fact
He said
That is being made
In Obregon

But I ate toasted bagels
With sliced tomatoes
And virgin olive oil

I told him
That peanut better
And marmalade
Are good too

It was late at night
And coffee was brewing

Only one channel is working
He said as he looked
At the toaster

I told him he could add
More ingredients
If he wanted to

That only works
In the day he said

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There was a knock on my door
I recognized the peculiarity of the sound
It conveys the same effect
That I have used many times before

It asks:
Are you okay?

I did not wanted to multiply
The sense of preoccupation
So I incorporated from bed
And opened the door
But there was no one there

The day was cloudy
Overcast and heavy
A confirmation of my desire
To stay indoors and hibernate
From the changing stations
Of the world

I raised my voice and said:
I am okay

And a voice replied:
There’s breakfast
If you want something to eat

I said thank you
Closed my door
And went back to bed
Listened the radio
And considered it
A very good idea

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Thunder lingers outside
And the luxury of peace
Is in shortage

The carpenter hits the nail
The doctor makes an incision
The mechanic turns a screwdriver

They war with their vocations
Their tools & instruments
Their hopes & dreams
Their fears & tears

Movement is detected outside
And is either rest or death
A smile or a cry
Or both at the same time

Intention is spotted outside
A twist to the stomach
A taste of distress
With the pre-confusion of existence
Automatic efforts of survival


I entered through your lips
Injected images forbidden by many
I did this for you

I saw your eyes
Turn to combustion
Ferocious glance
And I liked it

I tasted your love
It was the most
Human of all love

I consulted the plant
And nature confirmed
How much I love you
Now I wait

Monday, October 26, 2009


The house has 6 rooms
He told her
It is a large house
And it is where
We are going to live

I kept walking
Trying to keep the sand
From getting inside
My shoes

It is nice
He continued
Telling his companion
A young attractive girl
About the place
We all are going to live there
He said

They were practically
Walking behind me
And the guy’s bragging
Was disturbing my walk
My peace
My intentions
My thinking up a poem

I slowed my pace
And let them pass me
And their chatter
Went away with them

I stopped
To look at a short dog
Running towards the waves
Coming in and out
Of swallow water
Diving against the waves

I continued with my walk
And noticed the chatter couple
With wet tennis shoes
And wet ankles
And he said to her
How aggressive is the sea