Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There was a knock on my door
I recognized the peculiarity of the sound
It conveys the same effect
That I have used many times before

It asks:
Are you okay?

I did not wanted to multiply
The sense of preoccupation
So I incorporated from bed
And opened the door
But there was no one there

The day was cloudy
Overcast and heavy
A confirmation of my desire
To stay indoors and hibernate
From the changing stations
Of the world

I raised my voice and said:
I am okay

And a voice replied:
There’s breakfast
If you want something to eat

I said thank you
Closed my door
And went back to bed
Listened the radio
And considered it
A very good idea


Blog Author said...


Martínez said...

Breakfast seems to me to be always a great idea.