Monday, October 26, 2009


The house has 6 rooms
He told her
It is a large house
And it is where
We are going to live

I kept walking
Trying to keep the sand
From getting inside
My shoes

It is nice
He continued
Telling his companion
A young attractive girl
About the place
We all are going to live there
He said

They were practically
Walking behind me
And the guy’s bragging
Was disturbing my walk
My peace
My intentions
My thinking up a poem

I slowed my pace
And let them pass me
And their chatter
Went away with them

I stopped
To look at a short dog
Running towards the waves
Coming in and out
Of swallow water
Diving against the waves

I continued with my walk
And noticed the chatter couple
With wet tennis shoes
And wet ankles
And he said to her
How aggressive is the sea


Blog Author said...

liked this one very much....

Martínez said...

Thanks, I enjoyed writing it.