Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Bacteria only lasts
For little while
Nature restores herself

Her antibiotics
Are killers

Amazing are
The preservation properties
Of salt

Redness lasts
But for a little while
Health always returns

The ocean waters
Become mirrors

They reflect
The blue skies

Dolphins are
Once again
Surfing the waves

If they can
Dance in the shit
It means
They are healthy

Sunday, April 29, 2007


The witch threw her curse
On the ocean
Inside a black
Plastic bag
She made sure
To toss it over
The other side
Of the fence
It landed
In California waters

The fisherman
And I
Watched from
Latin-American sands
The angler told me
That she was up
To no good
Adding witchcraft
To salt water

He told me of
A time when he
Fished an aluminum ball
And as he was
Getting ready to toss
His catch
It ripped open
He found wax figurines
And a pair
Of golden rings
He kept the gold
And threw
Everything else away
He said he does believe
In the malevolent
Effects of witchcraft
But he also believes
In Gold

The next day
I found a seal on the sand
Everybody thought
It was tired
Just resting
On the shore

But I knew
The seal was not well
I also knew
It was American
The fisherman agreed

The waves were red
And the sands
Were Caspian Blue