Saturday, February 18, 2006


All my girlfriends
Wrote love poems
Letters of desired
They spoke with their hearts
And sometimes
With the motions
Of their bodies
The one I didn’t marry
Got published
Along side me
We were both on
The same page
As if were
The same bed
She wrote a sexy verse
So sensuous and valiant
It moved me so much
That I wanted to be
With her
“So close so tight”
Just like the title
Of her poem
The one I did marry
Wrote thirsty poems
She was a demon in bed
If I saw her with pen
In her hand
I was not sure
If she wanted to write
Or to stab me
As soon as I turn around
She joined the Army
And became a sniper
And I got away
For thousands of miles
I searched for my sweet Michelle
To be tight and close
To her
I never found her
But I found others
Who wrote the most
Ethereal words
Their souls swollen
With unconditional love
I would watch them
As they slept next to me
Their beating hearts
Speaking their own language
It was always
A message of hope
Of enchanted dreams
Of a beautiful future
A blazing sun
Of desire
I think of all of you tonight
I pray for your beautiful
Bodies and spirits
I send my love
To you all
From right here
Where I am
A city in ruins
From my chair of destruction
All I have is poetry
That never ending fire
That keeps me alive
Your memory
Is my lifeline

Sunday, February 12, 2006


You brought me
A dish as I wrote
Placed it next to
My notebook
Then you left to
Feed the children
I ate and read
What I had written
So far and
The taste was exquisite
I though about
The savor of your love
The flavor
Of the night before