Thursday, April 26, 2007


He approached me
With a cell phone on
His hand

Just like the words of
The Tigres del Norte song

He said someone told him
I spoke Spanish

I said

Then he asked me
If I knew
Who Hank Ron is
I told him I never heard of
That person

He looked at me intensely
And then I said
Perhaps I have heard the name
Every now and then

Then he told me he was
His body guard

(There was a smile
Of Accomplishment
On his face)

That he was sent to buy
Some supplements for him

At that time
I was selling
Organic products at
Henry’s Marketplace
Chula Vista

He takes a lot stuff
He added

All of the sudden
I was confused with
Ron Cohn
The owner of the store
And Hank Ron
The owner of
The body guard

Then he handed me his
Cellular phone and said
Speak to the lady
She will give you instructions

I was hesitant
To put my head
Near the radiation
Dispensing device

There is a reason why I
Don’t own a mobile phone

For this type
Of communications
I prefer the use of
A repeater on a
Very High Frequency

The lady on the line
Had a pleasant voice

She told the
The products
They were looking for

And I helped
The Tijuana customer

He seemed very thankful
And made emphasis
In saying
I will always remember you
Even if you cut
Your beard off
I will remember you

I eventually had
To get rid off
The beard
The estranged wife
Didn’t like it

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


When I got there
His wife was
Praying the Rosary
It was more screaming
Then praying

The security guard
Opened the gate
He let me enter
He looked nervous

I knocked on
The door
And yelled
From the patio

But his wife
Would intensify
The volume
Of her chants

As if she
Was trying
To drown
My voice
With her supplications

I left
The following morning
I got the news

I didn’t know
The cops
Were killing
One another