Saturday, February 02, 2008


Is it cold
In the sky

I love you
Because I
Can see
The sky
In your eyes

You are
More beautiful
Without makeup

You remain
In control
Of my heart

Your beauty will stay
With my soul perpetually

I am in love
With your existence

At first I thought
My feelings for you
Were a estrange whim

I remember your voice
I remember your smile
I remember you
The most beautiful
Woman on earth

Your image
Is tattooed
In the eye
Of my soul

I don’t know why
This is happening
I don’t mind
I confess
I like it
I like you being
My muse

Thursday, January 31, 2008


The hispanic migra
With white hair
Liked my antenna
He grabbed it and stroked it
Banged it a little bit
A couple of times
What a sick fuck

I wish Huaman had
Stick around a little bit longer
She seemed like
A nice lady
She volunteered to walk with me
And we had a nice chat
About ethnicity and family
I guess she’s not married

An alien with grey hair
Also stopped by
He looked at the antenna
Then he looked at me
And I looked at him
Marciano vs. Marciano
Then he continued on his way

He was wearing a blue coat
And a swarm of
Migra agents were
Escorting him
His escorts looked at me
With stupefied faces

He must be from
A faraway planet
But nonetheless
An alien
Like me


I see someone
Glancing at me
From inside
A white truck
As I carefully approach
The Chevrolet
I find a
Golden retriever

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Una taza de café
es como un amplificador
para el alma

De mañana

Una taza de café
por la noche
es amplificación
de deseos

Potencia sin filtros
ritmos explosivos
en la cama

En el amor
no existe
la frecuencia modulada

Pero sí
la amplitud de tus piernas
las frecuencias de tus senos

¡Oh anima de ADN!
Programación de
Adán y Eva

Siempre regresamos
a los códigos
que Dios grabó
en nuestros órganos

Miembros tatuados
por tradiciones
de ángeles

Lo que el diablo
se robó
se recupera

que se esconden
en el aroma