Friday, January 08, 2010


The light of your beauty
Shines like
A million suns

Your eyes
Contain unrestrained water
Oceans of desire
Glance of medicine

Stillness of the morning
Snow melting

Your dancing fingers
On my skin

My heart a time bomb
Your love tastes
Like an olive tree

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


He said
It is time to give her a bath
Don’t you think?

And I told him:
This month is
An uphill month

What do you mean?
He asked

I mean
Do you give credit?

He laughed
And I laughed
I walked toward
The sand

The water
Reminded me
Of my last trip
And deep inside
I felt a little pride

I walked
And noticed
I was out of shape
But not out of desire

I wanted more than ever
To live
To walk
To love
To breathe

The diesel fumes
Were fanned
By the Pacific

There were craters
On the sand
And otherworldly fellows
Operated what looked
Like transformers

No glitter
Since the sun
Illuminated the dullness
Of the machines


The spirit of intelligence
Sings the mystic

And I feel like
Saying: amen
Or something of the sort

The spirit of intelligence
Moves upon the waters

It also lives
In the fire
On the stillness
Of the candles

I can drink this water
It doesn’t burn you
Like firewater does
When it travels
Through you esophagus

It gives you health
To slay dragons
It hydrates you
With the spirit of intelligence

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The metal snake moved
Slowly and then fast
On a sunny winter afternoon

We talked about dreams
As we contemplated
Airplanes painting the sky

The mental snake
Cut into pieces
On the floor
Inside the old shed

On the other side
There was more answers
Than questions

Monday, January 04, 2010


The best gift
Is not knowing the future

That way
You can hit
Everything with prudence
When suffering
Becomes a sport

You can fulfill
Your part as
A converter of realities

Taking pride
In your work
Even though it hurts
Even though it’s broken

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I woke up
And it felt like summer
Except my throat was closing
Like when I kissed
The plant that looked
Like a lady

The wind
And the sun
Played together
Like bewitched mice

I was told to close the window
Because the dust
Could puncture
Your lungs

I pushed to button
And watched the glass
Rise with the scenery

The water
Was a mirror once again
And even though
I was hungry
I was also happy