Saturday, June 07, 2008


With love
The heavens
And the earth
Were created

By love
They will
Be destroyed

With love
The creatures
Experience ecstasies

By love
Punishment ignite

With love
Hearts are created

By love
Hearts crack
Like the windshields
Of used cars

With love
I entered
Into you

By love
I pulled out


The children
Sing happy birthday

In Spanish
It sounds better
Because the tune
Tells about a song
That king David
Used to sing
Early in the morning

All of them precious
Marvelous creations
Of God

The all say
“Happy birthday sir”
And I feel like
Calling them
Sons & daughters

Then the beautiful lady
With deep
Brown eyes
And profound
Black hair

Places a chocolate
Birthday cake
On my table

I think of her
And make my wish
Before extinguishing
The candle

She reaches over
And embraces me

She irradiates warmth
That travels
Straight to my heart

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


“Are you married?”
She looked at me
without making a sound,
then she moved her face
in a positive gesture.

She was smiling…
but it did not seemed
To be a happy smile.

“Happily married?”
I pressed.

She once again repeated
the same motions,
but this time
the smile looked
more like a frown.

“And you?”
She asked.

“No, I am not, well I am separated”
I looked at the children
and concluded my answer
“Yes, I am… very happy”