Saturday, April 26, 2008


A soldier hid
Behind the white wall
I could see him
Because the light
Reflected from the ocean
And because
Government buildings
Are strange & awkward

My car takes a hit

The last time
It was a different country
On a freeway
And it was dark
And the water
Did not have salt

And the guy
Who rode shotgun
Told me to return fire

I was left searching
Looking for
A way
The best way
The best explanation
The best interpretation
Of why
You can’t
Shoot a ghost

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I found
A precious miracle
While roaming
Ground Zero

She’s covered
With soothsaying
And I think
She’ll live
Because she
Doesn’t leave

The way she looks!

What a fragile case
Like fine china
She will crack
If not treated right

Only a specialist
Can save her
And there’s none
Around here

The best thing
Could be
To immobilize her
And call for help

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My ocean shore
Grows poetry
In the sand

Heartfelt letters
Of love
Soaked in
Water & salt

The words
Ignite my memory
With your image

Illumination of my soul
Ammunition of desire
Particles of remembrance

You are
My precious element

A red glow
On grey crystals
Becomes an apple

The fruit of love!

A grapefruit
Is also surrounded
By silica

The elixir of thirst!

3 soldiers
Walk on mountains
Of quartz

One of them has
A bloody hand
And a machinegun
Hanging from
His shoulder

But I rather think
Of you
Because you
Are not a mirage
Or just a reflection
Of the sun

And the sandy poem
In my hands
Is as real
As your beauty