Wednesday, July 30, 2008


El canto
De las sirenas
Me fascina

Me convierte
En un loco alegre

Es música
Para enamorados

Códigos auditivos
De aventuras accidentadas

Momentos semánticos
Que provocan
El eco de perros

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


She moves
With ethereal motions
Dressed in white
Most of the time


─ Juan?
─ Yes?
─ Do you have a daughter?
─ Why do you ask?
─ Sometimes when I read you work, I get this feeling, that you have a daughter or daughters.
─ Sometimes I feel the same.
─ Do you?
─ Do I what?
─ Do you have a daughter?
─ The truth of the matter is that there are some girls out there that I care for very much. I feel so much for them that at times I see them as my offspring.
─ Can I be your daughter?
─ You want me to be your Daddy?
─ Yes.
─ You will have to stop smoking dope, and you will have to stop relying on electronic devices to get things done. Learn to trust your intuition, rely more on nature, and put the artificial away. Discover how to do it by your own juices.


A world is tired
Wheels everywhere
Rubbery equations
Oily products

Touching the roughness
The hardness
The blockage
Of arteries
Chocking the planet

I loaned you
My key
And you sold it back
To me

Is fading away