Saturday, March 01, 2008


“If you can’t give information
So I can clear you
Maybe you should change
Your name”
“Change my name?”
“I like my name”
“It’s a popular name that’s why
You should change it”
“I like being popular”

But the agent with
The Cuban accent
Wanted to finger print me

“What happens If I refuse?”
I asked
“If you refuse fingerprinting?”
“Then you will be place into
Custody and we will use
Forced fingerprinting”

I didn’t feel like
Being shot
So early in the morning
So I walked with him

“We are also going
To take your picture”
“Do you also want my autograph?”
He did not reply
“Take off your glasses”
I took off my glasses
“Did you use to have a beard?”
“How long?”
“Not as long a Fidel Castro”
“But it was this long”
I made gesture with my hands
To show them how long
My beard used to be
Then he took the picture

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I can tell you
She has the voice
Of an angel

Even though she’s new
She might conquer the world

I am impress
You know your
Drivers license
By heart

If I was you
I wouldn’t flaunt
That fact

I like your
Sense of humor

I wanted Balestreri
To look me up
She’s pretty
You are not

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Arbor is
My favorite level

Arbor is my friend
It purifies the skies

White arbor
Made of icicles

Beautiful arbor
Of the northern heavens

Sun & arbor
Tireless comrades
In good & evil

I saw him riding
In the back of
A police truck
And I wanted to help

Set him free?
Free from what?

It made sense
When he said
Arabs are millionaires
With beards

Stop by the house
He uttered
The metal on his wrist
Was not silver
And it looked like
An uncomfortable bracelet

2 autochthonous humans
Kept him good company
They were silent & watchful
With a peaceful presence

They also had
Metal on theirs wrists

He was in good hands….

For a moment
I thought about trading places
With one of them

For a moment
I thought about nothing

Then I look towards the skies
And thought about you

Monday, February 25, 2008


The cross
Is all over the world
It was distributed
Amongst those who believe

The fragments of the cross
Are on the American Continent
On American Soil

The cross was broken
And given to many
For the explosion
Of the faith

The cross
With God’s DNA

The cross crosses
The border everyday
Those who find it
Must have it
Grab it
Hold it
Press it
Seize it

And keep it in a secret place
Free from harm so
Hide it

Because there’s no time to:
Show it
Display it
Photograph it
Bluff it
Clone it
Love it
UFO it
Market it
Sell it
Lease it
Finance it

It is a relic
An example
Of what happens
In the deadly game
Of politics

The cross
Is a reminder
Of Death
And of a new
And very
Otherworldly life

To those who believe
In a planet
Without borders

I will
To the cross
When I suffer

I will
Hold on
To the cross
When I become mad

I will
Hold on
To the cross
On the battlefield

I will
Hold on
To the cross
When all the fighting
Looks like the sweetest fantasy

Before those I love
Start dying
I will shield everybody
With the Cross

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Young & beautiful
2 in a row
Girls with pistols
What’s next?
Bikini girls & machine guns?

How things can change
So fast like
The blinking
Of a dying fish eye

Migra Airey appeared next to me
At the infamous Migra Motel
Uttering like a broken record

“You went to far”
“You went to far”
“I don’t think so, this is only San Ysidro”
“You went to far”
“What do you mean?”
“You went to far”
“Can’t you say something else?”
“What’s your problem?”
“My problem?”
“Yes, what’s your problem?”
“I have a problem?”
“You don’t remember?”
“You don’t remember”
“Remember what?”
“You can go now”
“See you soon”

Agent Airey walked away
And he looked like a butterfly
And I drove towards their back-gate
Feeling like a backdoor man
And I did not see the guy
With the reloading supplies
And someone else took my
Hunter-orange slip
Somebody else wished me a farewell