Thursday, June 19, 2008


In a helicopter

With a tree
For a rotor

A sunflower
For a tail

With a flag
Crammed with

Snowed mountains
On its body

The ladder
Caressed by
The wind

With tempered

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My firstborn
Fell asleep
Next to me

I slept too

I woke up
As he was trying
To choke me
With both his hands

His eyes closed
His face wincing

Wake up!
I told him

Was the matter
With you?

I was dreaming
He said
That a dog
Was trying to bite me
And it wanted
To throw me
Into the sewer

How proud I was!

He’s a good kid
He has strong hands
And he’s just 8

Monday, June 16, 2008


How they manipulate you
Blue tooth and all
And you let them
And you suffer
And I keep loving you
And your pain intensifies
And my hands are
Reaching for you
And you
Just stand there
Hurting evermore

Sunday, June 15, 2008


“Religion and I
Don’t mix well
I meditate
That’s what
Does it for me”

He’s okay
Because when
I was
Being harassed
By the ku kux clan migras
He always acted
Professional towards me

Is not his fault
God made
Him a migra
And made me
An alien

If he could
Only see
That he works
For a religious agency
Things would be easier

It’s somewhat
Of a mystery

Is a mystery

And since
In a situation like this
You either help out
Or win
I will opt
For lending him
A hand

Meditation is good
It works best
For women

Women meditate
Men contemplate

Like telephones

Use telephones
Use radios
Will always
Give you
An advantage
Sooner than later
You will
Deal with God
He always wins
La casa
Siempre gana
When He wins
You win
And crooks lose
And bad people lose
And moments
Of meaning & fulfillment
Arrived like
The 2 humming birds
That appear
Outside my window


There’s no
Such thing
As strangers
On planet earth

God made everybody

And temptation
With God’s creations
Is not a novelty

Scientists are the first
To sin
In such way

Ordinary human beings
Like poets
Do not premeditate
But sometimes
They levitate