Thursday, June 12, 2008


Agent of filth
I will destroy you

I will extinguish
Your madness
Your organic folly

My echoes
Will reach you

And I will seize you
Like Cipro
And you will
Look at me
With your
Bacteria-shot eyes

I will look
And see
And ponder

As your
Grotesque existence
Fades away

Poisoner of children!

I will cut you down
Put you out
And place your
Infected memory
In the darkness

Inside a cave
For imbeciles

Specter of

Like the farmer
Hits the stem
I will hit your soul

Not even your kin
Will remember you

You will never
Become a father
Of sons

You will move
Like swine do
When they hang
Inside the slaughterhouse

As dirty streams
Of their ending existence
Accumulate on the floor

I will not
Use chlorine
For cleanliness
But fire

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Your eyes
Expelled so much heat
I felt shy
I could only
Smile for you

As I was coming in
Your sister
Or cousin
Or aunt
Had the same effect
On her eyes

And when
I was
Coming out
You stood there
A formidable
Opponent in
The arts of love

I would have liked
To hug
Or kiss you
But there was
A trembling
On both of
Your beings
That made me
Walk away

There’s always
Incredible miracles
That appear
On my field
Of vision

Like the beautiful girl
Talking in her cell phone
As I write this
Who likes to imitate
My every motion

Her beauty
Is not average beauty
Because all women
Are beautiful

Her beauty is tender
Deep & touching

I believe
With all my heart
Her beauty
Was magnified
When she become
A mother

Monday, June 09, 2008


A new world policeman
With a motorcycle
Of uncertainty

No need
For a gunfight

Dialogue becomes
The medium
Of war

Don’t follow
The money

It will lead you
To madness!

Even though it took
Some effort
To persuade you

You did walk
Though the path
Of understanding

Believe me
When I say
It is best for
Both of us
It is best
For everybody

There’s no need
To mention cash
Because I think
We are above it

I understand your concerns
From the northern borders
To the southern limits
In español

You fresh-blood
You impressionable spirit
You vessel of potential
You police-something

Pistolero of
The people and
For the people

Don’t forget
The microphone

Blessed are those
Who believe
Without seeing

Believe me
When I say
Things will
Forever change