Saturday, March 07, 2009


The 3 of us are
On the second floor sofás
The sun comes in
Through windows

The 3 of us are
Acting like children
And it is not bad
It has never been evil
It is desirable for everybody
To get to the best places

The 3 of us are
On the 2 story building
Light coming in
Trough transparent curtains
With no flying objects in sight

The 3 of us are
Like we are
And the mirrors
Are always the best
For becoming invisible

Friday, March 06, 2009


She was no where in sight
I just saw the usual pleasant faces
Those that do not need any aid

Because they in themselves
Are the aid of the universe
Walking on the deteriorating
Pavements of the world

You don’t need
Bombs or missiles
To crack the infrastructure
Of the cities in this planet
Usually nature takes care
Of this task

Instead of rebuilding
The same mistakes
It be much wiser
To just get out of the way
And look for solid ground
To build your house

Consider a full house
Resting on your hands
Made of stone
With an aqueduct
Running straight
To its kitchen

Thursday, March 05, 2009


At first she had a glance of indifference
Almost bordering on the snobbish
Every morning under the early sun
Every morning under the overcast sky

Her walking with her daughter
I walking with my boys
Towards the gates
Of elementary knowledge

And as I considered
Her facial features
I noticed the proper lines
That chart her semblance
And knew they held promise
Inside of her
Hidden in that matrix of emotion
We like to call heart

But beauty is never automatic
Beauty is a formation
Of intelligent energy
A breathing of the soul
An atomic beam
A cellular embrace

She was good to look at
But not pretty amongst the children
Who crowed the sidewalk
Who shouted and cheered
In excellent explosions of happiness

As we sometimes walk towards
Our different but near destinations
Almost side by side
I noticed a metamorphosis
Taking hold of her existence

As winter melts away
And spring is broadcasted
By the song of winged beings
Who like to loiter on the wires
I believe it is time
To contemplate her
Under the light
I feel I should utter
The words hello

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


We can cure cancer
I believe we can
I think you know we can

We can travel the earth
You and I
Inspecting every crevice
Every contour

We can plant your seeds
Where we find lesions
We can walk on
The roundness of the world

Study the cloud formations
So I can summon them
As long as you help me
Propagate yourself
Where the raindrops land

We can save the planet
I know we can
2 is better than 1
You and I
Helping the surgeons
Helping the shamans & priests
Helping the best of them

This way
You can help your flowers
And I can help
Those who are waiting for me


The best way to sleep on a couch
Is in the fetal position
Facing the backrest of the sofa
1 blanket is more than enough

This helps
With the conservation of energy
It creates a natural
Domestic thermos
An improvised silo
In a living room

There was a knock at the door
And I wondered
Who can it be
This early in the morning
I thought perhaps a teacher from
The school next door
Or some lost soul asking for directions

I could see her silhouette
Through the blinds
Definitely not a teacher
She was a student
Or some type of girl in disguise

She was full of life
Bright eyes
Fresh face
Her own energy
At peak levels
Revolving and spilling out
Form inside her spirit

I opened the door
And she smiled
Like a pro
But I could tell
This happened because
She is a natural

The girl
Asked for my mother
And then for my sister

My mother is abroad
My sister is sleeping
I said

She then gave me
A loaf of bread and
She looked just like you

And the package
Had that familiar name on it
Written with white letters
Over a red square

Is this for my mother
Or for my sister?
I asked
It’s for everyone
She replied
Thanks I said
She smiled & walked
Towards the car that
Was waiting for her
With a nervous looking woman
At the wheel whom I assumed
Was some kind of relative

All these girls coming
To my door
Trying to look inside
Looking around my shoulders
Looking around my face
Making me feel like
Some sort of doorman

I almost feel tempted
To invite them in
Offer them a cup of coffee
Sit with them
And engage them
Lovely conversation

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Today’s promise land
I like my environments
Keep it organic!


This is how I cope
With the unbelief of life
I like to smile

Monday, March 02, 2009


The banker tries to
Reassure the director
Sadness in their face


She then said to me
You are not that important
And then she loved me

Sunday, March 01, 2009


The past does not have
Any power whatsoever
Only the present


I saw her again
Now her senses are better
Flashback of beauty


I met you at the airport
Then a train station
Then we spoke @ home

And you looked just like
In the photographs
Where you are climbing rocks
With your hair of gold
In your back
And you ivory skin
Illuminating the boulders

You then told me
That all these years
You have continued working
With supernatural boxes
Then we said goodbye


In the middle of night
As I tried to sleep
I heard the cry of a bird
Outside my window
Standing on the branch
Of my tree

Its song was beautiful
As the pretty as the melody
That came out from
My radio’s speakers

I was tempted to get up
And hurry towards the
Nearest connection point

But I just laid there
In darkness
And listened to nature
Compete against technology

I considered their collision
And ponder how miracles
Continue their course
How they grow stronger
Molding rocks & eroding the ground
Like the passage of water