Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The best way to sleep on a couch
Is in the fetal position
Facing the backrest of the sofa
1 blanket is more than enough

This helps
With the conservation of energy
It creates a natural
Domestic thermos
An improvised silo
In a living room

There was a knock at the door
And I wondered
Who can it be
This early in the morning
I thought perhaps a teacher from
The school next door
Or some lost soul asking for directions

I could see her silhouette
Through the blinds
Definitely not a teacher
She was a student
Or some type of girl in disguise

She was full of life
Bright eyes
Fresh face
Her own energy
At peak levels
Revolving and spilling out
Form inside her spirit

I opened the door
And she smiled
Like a pro
But I could tell
This happened because
She is a natural

The girl
Asked for my mother
And then for my sister

My mother is abroad
My sister is sleeping
I said

She then gave me
A loaf of bread and
She looked just like you

And the package
Had that familiar name on it
Written with white letters
Over a red square

Is this for my mother
Or for my sister?
I asked
It’s for everyone
She replied
Thanks I said
She smiled & walked
Towards the car that
Was waiting for her
With a nervous looking woman
At the wheel whom I assumed
Was some kind of relative

All these girls coming
To my door
Trying to look inside
Looking around my shoulders
Looking around my face
Making me feel like
Some sort of doorman

I almost feel tempted
To invite them in
Offer them a cup of coffee
Sit with them
And engage them
Lovely conversation


Blog Author said...

the new kerouac would be proud of his legacy, in these well versed words.

Martínez said...

You mean the Kerouac that claimed that the term “beat” stood for beatification?