Saturday, March 14, 2009


I slept & it was cold
I instantly pulled a blanket
For cover

But it was not the same
It disturbed my sleep
It was not right because

I dreamt that a crazy woman
Broke into the house
Took my favorite sweater
And left some currency
On the table

I got up
And looked for my garment
And did not find it
I walked towards the table and
Grabbed the bill

I looked at it
And thought about all the money
In the world
Then I thought on my green sweater

I envisioned
A mad witch
Wearing it
Sleeping with it
Touching the fabric
And doing other things
With it

Sometimes people do
Strange things while under hypnosis
Confused in good weather

Friday, March 13, 2009


Above the entrance
There is a saint
On a white horse
Killing a dragon

The server captain
Speaks Spanish
And he’s my friend

He knows all words
Good and bad
He likes to smile & he likes
To play as if
He is the cathedral

We like it here
We can play with our friends
The guy dressed in black
Is funny
We liked him too

I like the lion
I like the oxen
That guard the
Front pillars
Of the building

I like your 4 legged friends
For watching my back
As I approach the
Universal medicines

All these people
Speaking different languages
And eating at the same tables
Communicating with
Gestures and hand movements
I like that too

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We entered the commercial box
And stopped and the special corner
My associate was not convinced
But I did not cared that much
Because I was holing a cup of coffee
And I was happy

I concentrated on
The Chinese televisions
And examined them to see
If they were enhanced digitally

I could not find out
Because an extremely attractive
Human being entered
My field of vision

I gave the signal
And we moved towards
A comestibles area

We struggled to find lentils
I gave up and concentrated
On a feminists-style article
About drunk writers
That decorated the magazine rack

As I read a quote by Hemmingway
Which stated something like:
“I drink to tolerate the company of fools”

The most attractive
human being in the store
Was informing my brother
Were the find the lentils
And how to cook them

I lifted my eyes from
The rag I was speed-reading
To find a pretty woman
With an anchor embroidered
On her jacket
Chest level right side
Smiling at me

I told the boy who
Bagged our groceries
To have his eye-infection
Taken care of
The cashier pointed
Towards the pharmacy
And I looked at the medicine

We walked towards the car
And I was told we did not
Have the right spices
So we visited the local chain store

And there we did not find
Chinese televisions
But we did see Chinese
Girls walking the isles

They looked at me funny
As I read something
About exorcisms
Next to magazine rack

A Spanish song played
In the store’s PA
And I noticed two cashiers
Singing the words
One was dancing
To the rhythm

I approach the dancing cashier
And asked her if she could
Tell me what was the last part
Of the chorus she was singing

She said it was something like
“Put your lips all over me”
But that she was not sure
Then she smiled

I asked the other cashier
And she said the same thing
And she also smiled

We paid and my friend
Did not wait for the change
But hurried out of there
I thank them
Took the change
Said goodbye & left

Monday, March 09, 2009


Igual que la luz
Las palabras extrañas
Penetran hondo


Te ves más guapo
¡Que cosas dice usted!
Es tu edad hombre