Friday, March 20, 2009


King of simplicity
Resting on
A 3 branch

Fire Crest
Sucking honey
From the
Dangling flowers

Masked like
A vegetarian pistolero
Professional eater
Moves like a fall guy

You are always
Welcome here
You can stay
As long as you wish

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I look
I look real good
I like what I see
And when her eyes move
I move mine


I don’t stare
I don’t want to tare
I do care

How your beauty travels
This short distance
Between us

You & me

So I look away
Try to focus my eyes
In nothing in particular
Just and excuse
To avoid your glance

A pretext
Not to follow
The miraculous light
Of your semblance

A reason
Not to be wounded
By your splendor

I look back and
Its too late
Your delightful face
Next to my chest
Too close
To my heart

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The bird’s crying
On the night
Once again

Its song now competes
With an infomercial
Where one of the actresses
Has your name & looks like you

The bird cries in the middle of the night
And I don’t dare turn off
The portable black & white TV

The dinner has been a lifesaver
And its aftertaste lingers
In my mouth
In a dry kind of way

I get up from bed and I still
Can feel my soar ribcage
I walk towards
The refrigerator to have
A cold drink

It tastes like heaven….

I get in bed again
And there’s yet another infomercial
About middle-aged women
Crazy about soy

I turn off the TV
And turn on the radio
I try to get comfortable
And listen to music

My winged friend
Singing through the night
And its songs are your kisses
Landing on my right side

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You look familiar
He said

I was going to tell you the same thing
I replied

Do you get sent to secondary often?
He pressed

I interjected

Where are you going?
He asked

To where the view is beautiful
I answered

He insisted

Chula Vista
I explained

He looked
At his computer screen
And hit the keyboard
As his face turned stoical

Monday, March 16, 2009


He said the love of God
Is like the sun
Like the light
That comes forth
From the sun

That’s how we grow he said
And as he was speaking
I thought of my friend
Who each morning
Looks up towards the heavens
Closes his eyes
And charges himself up

He said this is
Something we need to do
To take away obstructions
Hindrances like garbage
Including blankets

The way he spoke
So familiar
So poetic
He must be Russian

Sunday, March 15, 2009


She asked if I wanted my coffee mug rinsed
I hesitantly said yes and she ordered her employee
To do just that

Then she said that her husband
Doesn’t like to rinse his because
He likes to capture the flavor
I smiled and told her that I understood

She asked if I like coffee very much
And I just smiled & waited for my coffee
She pressed with another question and
Asked if I am a coffee connoisseur

I noticed how she was holding her baby
She still had that glowing look
That pregnant women have
And I considered how beautiful
She must have been before her pregnancy
And how her current beauty has improved
Into something so powerful

I like caffeine
I answered affably and
I wondered if her husband
Was the nervous looking
Fellow that was snooping
On me the day before as I tried
To write some work
On their second floor

I did not loose track
Of the smiley customer with
Fine facial features
Who stood next to me
Working with her paper cup
Looking ready to go

I thank the barista & the owner’s wife
And they answered in unison
And it sounded beautiful
Like church choir

I walked outside and spotted
Fine facial features getting in
A red car and driving away

I got in my car
And turned the engine on
Towards my left
A young Chinese girl
Walked on the sidewalk
Playing with her hair