Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The bird’s crying
On the night
Once again

Its song now competes
With an infomercial
Where one of the actresses
Has your name & looks like you

The bird cries in the middle of the night
And I don’t dare turn off
The portable black & white TV

The dinner has been a lifesaver
And its aftertaste lingers
In my mouth
In a dry kind of way

I get up from bed and I still
Can feel my soar ribcage
I walk towards
The refrigerator to have
A cold drink

It tastes like heaven….

I get in bed again
And there’s yet another infomercial
About middle-aged women
Crazy about soy

I turn off the TV
And turn on the radio
I try to get comfortable
And listen to music

My winged friend
Singing through the night
And its songs are your kisses
Landing on my right side

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