Saturday, January 24, 2009


We ate the fruit’s the earth
And the music cut our appetite
We bicycled towards the band

Their melodies spilled on the sidewalk
And we rode over them without fenders
So they could massage our backs

The owners always look weary
When the weather changes
They told the band to keep playing

They kept hoping for seafood
Trusting in beer as if it were rain
Examining the newspapers
Their money turning into clay

Friday, January 23, 2009

Siento tu mano JM
Y el viento agitado SM
De tu boca SM

Thursday, January 22, 2009

pasa la tormenta jm
todos mojados sm
vivos flotando sm


I laid on my back
And saw fighter jets over my sky
And their effects opened
Craters in my mouth

Kisses of medication
Killing the impending damage
And the holes were big enough
To become swimming pools
That could be filled with love songs

And she sang to me:

“I am searching for you
With fire
In my heart”

Please come back at 430
She said and then she sang again:

“I am searching for you
With fire
In my heart”

When I returned with
My war─torn mouth tilted
The medicine lady was waiting
For me on the sidewalk
And her lips extended
I hurried up the stairs and
I tried to run but the Novocain
Was pulling my hair & slowing me down

I wanted to hear that music again
My bruised body
Long for the singing healer
The musical surgeon
Of luminous moments

But the medicine woman
Caught me at the lobby
We sat face to face
And she told me

I come from
The land of your father
And my potions are
Strong enough to
Kill the chanting of the sirens
Listen to their songs
They’re all around us
Consider how they hunt
The city

Face to face
Smile to smile
Dark eye to dark eye

This is my city
I uttered with
The aftertaste
Of burned blood
Lingering inside
My mouth

I come from the Fatherland
She said with her medical eyes
Her seasoned lips
Her sea─hair
Adorning her presence
And I wrote down
Her formula
Her prescription
The name of her heart

And the music pulled
Me away from her
And she tried hard
To hold me down
But the harmony
Was stronger

“I’ll heal your soul
With my song”

The music came
From the other side
Of the opening door
And her voice said:
Come in

Her medical face mask
Accentuated her green eyes
Telling me a story
Of a river of lesions

“I am searching
For you
With fire in my heart”

Was she trying
To reach my heart
With her little swords
Penetrating the rooftop of my mouth
Searching for a voodoo doll

“I am searching
For you
With fire in my heart”

Her green eyes
Asking all the questions
All the queries
For the world
Happy to be a newlywed
And in the pursuit of procreation

“I am searching
For you
With fire in my heart”

Open to me
All your windows
Open to me
Your life
Trust me and undo
The awareness of your secrets

“I am searching
For you
With fire in my heart”

Don’t make the fire
Of my instruments disappeared
And tell me what other fruit
I will be eating

“I am searching
For you
With fire in my heart”

Tell me my future
And I tell you
Your weaknesses

And I walked away
With my losses
With my gains
With her persistent music
In the distance

“I am searching
For you
With fire my heart”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


You are up─right
Straight in─line
Correct on─line
It must be on
Your birthright

You are beautiful
Not because you
Are my granddaughter
But because
You have my tu─lips

You are healthy
Without being crazy

You are such
A respectful demoiselle

I smiled goodbye
And your chiseled face
Stood in place
But your heart
Gyrated like
A sunflower

You work
On your precious feet
And exercise
On you shinny bicycle

Mother of many creations
Willful allocator
Caretaker of my garden
Water my flowers

Monday, January 19, 2009


Old white woman
With 3 young brown girls
Buying time


People worship them but
They rushed to cut me down
I pressed the trigger & illuminated their day

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I saw your face again
Your beautiful face
Your clandestine face

And you looked tense
I could not reconciled
What I remember of your voice
With the photographs

And now you presence
Across my path
Such is the company
Of beautiful satellites
Classic artifacts of love

I am sometimes tempted
To tell you the power
You possess over others
I know you might have an idea
But I have the essentials

I have seen them
I have listened to them
I have their words
And studied their movements
And their desires

Playful & beautiful
Middle-aged woman
With your suffering
As a relay signal
Of likelihood
Provoking the
Domino effect
On our foes

Let me know when
You find happiness
Because is not about
The highest magic wand
Save for the waters
Of the Most High


God on the radio
Restructuring my ribcage
Less painful than yesterday