Sunday, January 18, 2009


I saw your face again
Your beautiful face
Your clandestine face

And you looked tense
I could not reconciled
What I remember of your voice
With the photographs

And now you presence
Across my path
Such is the company
Of beautiful satellites
Classic artifacts of love

I am sometimes tempted
To tell you the power
You possess over others
I know you might have an idea
But I have the essentials

I have seen them
I have listened to them
I have their words
And studied their movements
And their desires

Playful & beautiful
Middle-aged woman
With your suffering
As a relay signal
Of likelihood
Provoking the
Domino effect
On our foes

Let me know when
You find happiness
Because is not about
The highest magic wand
Save for the waters
Of the Most High

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