Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I saw millions of you
All beautiful
All meaningful
All enhancing

I saw you
As a child
As a young woman
As a mother
As a grandmother
As a wife
As a lover

You all over
You everywhere
As a fighter
As a survivor

And some of you approached me
And helped me with my quest

And some of you smiled at me
And some of you did not noticed
And some of you descended on this place
In invisible parachutes

All of you beautiful
All of you
Married & single
All of you
Very much like you
Diligent and serious
Happy and relaxed
Occupied and industrious

You staring
You standing behind me
You making me nervous
Looking at me
With fire in your eyes

You waiting in you car
With a ring on your finger
Waiting for the girl
That looks like you
The one looking at my hands
Looking at my back
And oh those eyes
I can see them in the
Reflection of the window

You on the sand
You on the water that touches my lips
On the bread that caresses my tongue

On my mirror
On my bed
On my car
On my favorite pillow

Millions of you
On my soul

Marching on the street
You laughing with your friends
Who also look like you

The driver and
You the passenger

The beautiful detective
And you the exquisite nurse

Friday, August 21, 2009


I was looking at you
Like I always do
And then it happened

I saw your clone
Or your twin
Or whatever that apparition might be

Sitting there but at a different desk
With different clothes
With different colors
Sad and lonely and depressed

And that is how you are prettier than her
Because even though you look exactly the same
Your face was adorned
With the brilliance of happiness
And her face was immersed in horrible despondency

You pretty
Her pretty sad
You happy
Her unlucky
You beautiful
Her unattractive
You wonderful
Her wonderless

You a complete human being

Her an android
A rusty robot
A devaluated item
A photo shop
A flash player
An outdated program
A glitch
A strike
A mistake

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Potatoes are a great
Food to be eaten
Right at noon

Great companions of conversations
Because when potatoes cook in oil
The chef philosophizes &
The poet poeticizes

And the potatoes become soft
Their flavors multiplied
With the caresses of heat

Their aroma fights
For the children’s flight
These marvelous units of food
Can teach you right from wrong

When a potato lands on your taste buds
You attain global knowledge
Understanding moments of savor

Sympathy levitates
With the sizzling sounds
It flies by our million noses
And then out the window
To faraway worlds

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


los amigos llegaron
en diferentes colores
con nombres conocidos
con pedigrí inconfundible
en caminatas mediterráneas

me siguieron
me rebasaron
me acompañaron

estuvieron conmigo
como en el pasado
como el presente
como en el futuro
como cuando un desconocido me dijo:
tú tienes muchos amigos

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The lady is screaming outside
She hollers


And somehow I think
This might be connected
To today’s server
Her nametag said Alma
Nice name for a soul

And as I thought about it
I saw her eyes beaming
Like classic beacons
Warning a flotilla
That the world is near

Oh so near…

Land can be a strange place
When fire touches the grass
In the morning

As I was getting ready to go
I was asked by the lady
With the pleasing child

Where you able to get connected?
I told her I brought my own modem
We have connectivity here and
You can use it come anytime you want

I said thank you
And drove away
Looking for filtered water


A collection on the most unusual of places
A collection of furry intentions
Cartoon realizations
Cartoon lamentations

Surfing on those situations
On spray painted sand
On white sea foam
On dreams where you wake up
To walk outside your door
Into the fire
Look at the firemen
Look at the neighbors wife
Looking at the ash

Realizing you don’t have your glasses on
And you can see just fine
Like when St Peter walked on water

Like when the teenager
That young guitar player
Lifted a car with his bare hands
Because he saw a woman under it
On the lotus position
The rear tire resting on her neck
With tiny drops of blood
Falling from her forehead
Adding color to the cliff
Painting the soil
Making this part of world
An art scene

A collection of images
A movement of millions of eyes
In the sky
In your mind
In their lives

Focusing on French cars
The retinas move at will
With at the touch of her buttons

Intensive as a water-melon
A pilot of fruits & vegetables
A pilot of clouds
A pilot of smiles
A pilot of dreams
A pilot that can touch
The heart of the mother
And make her live again

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The couple sits on the sofa
Very close together
Very much in love

The old man with a walker enters
Looks at the young couple
And says to the tiny dog that approaches him


She smiles
The children smile
I smile
But the boyfriend
Doesn’t think
It’s funny