Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A collection on the most unusual of places
A collection of furry intentions
Cartoon realizations
Cartoon lamentations

Surfing on those situations
On spray painted sand
On white sea foam
On dreams where you wake up
To walk outside your door
Into the fire
Look at the firemen
Look at the neighbors wife
Looking at the ash

Realizing you don’t have your glasses on
And you can see just fine
Like when St Peter walked on water

Like when the teenager
That young guitar player
Lifted a car with his bare hands
Because he saw a woman under it
On the lotus position
The rear tire resting on her neck
With tiny drops of blood
Falling from her forehead
Adding color to the cliff
Painting the soil
Making this part of world
An art scene

A collection of images
A movement of millions of eyes
In the sky
In your mind
In their lives

Focusing on French cars
The retinas move at will
With at the touch of her buttons

Intensive as a water-melon
A pilot of fruits & vegetables
A pilot of clouds
A pilot of smiles
A pilot of dreams
A pilot that can touch
The heart of the mother
And make her live again

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