Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I saw millions of you
All beautiful
All meaningful
All enhancing

I saw you
As a child
As a young woman
As a mother
As a grandmother
As a wife
As a lover

You all over
You everywhere
As a fighter
As a survivor

And some of you approached me
And helped me with my quest

And some of you smiled at me
And some of you did not noticed
And some of you descended on this place
In invisible parachutes

All of you beautiful
All of you
Married & single
All of you
Very much like you
Diligent and serious
Happy and relaxed
Occupied and industrious

You staring
You standing behind me
You making me nervous
Looking at me
With fire in your eyes

You waiting in you car
With a ring on your finger
Waiting for the girl
That looks like you
The one looking at my hands
Looking at my back
And oh those eyes
I can see them in the
Reflection of the window

You on the sand
You on the water that touches my lips
On the bread that caresses my tongue

On my mirror
On my bed
On my car
On my favorite pillow

Millions of you
On my soul

Marching on the street
You laughing with your friends
Who also look like you

The driver and
You the passenger

The beautiful detective
And you the exquisite nurse


Maria said...

I like this one - all of it - but especially the invisible parachutes and the last stanza.

Martínez said...

Thank you Maria,

This poem has become somewhat popular. To tell you the truth, I am very proud of it.