Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The lady is screaming outside
She hollers


And somehow I think
This might be connected
To today’s server
Her nametag said Alma
Nice name for a soul

And as I thought about it
I saw her eyes beaming
Like classic beacons
Warning a flotilla
That the world is near

Oh so near…

Land can be a strange place
When fire touches the grass
In the morning

As I was getting ready to go
I was asked by the lady
With the pleasing child

Where you able to get connected?
I told her I brought my own modem
We have connectivity here and
You can use it come anytime you want

I said thank you
And drove away
Looking for filtered water


Blog Author said...

Thumbs up
I liked the ending... open and on-going, like life

Martínez said...

Thanks... open and ongoing, like the neighbors arguing.