Saturday, April 18, 2009


I love the world
Even though lies live
Underneath its surface

I care for the world
And when the lies were
Too much to bear
I began to walk alone

Seeing the world
All around me
With its vegetation
Its aridness
Its violence
And its charm

I found the invisible
Path of truth
On the narrow ways
And the cracks
Of forgotten streets

I love the world
And want to share it
With an honest apparition

A trustworthy vision
An authentic nightingale
A trustworthy moon

A reliable fire
Warm enough
To create the most
Fascinating events

Like lovers
Kissing in the water
Or walking down
The corridors of life

Friday, April 17, 2009


I proceeded towards the sink
When she asked me if
I didn’t care for anymore

I looked at her and she was
Glowing more than ever

I told her that it would be fine
As long as there was enough
For everybody

She smiled and said there
Was more than enough

She looked
Pretty & happy
And the kitchen comes alive
When she’s near the stove

If she was single
I would probably asked her out
Her husband must be
The luckiest man alive

I sat on the chair
Placed the plate on the table
Contemplated the food
Before me
Baptized with red salsa
And it looked
More beautiful
Than ever

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The neighbors seem to be cleaning

they seem to be cleaner

this is just

a mirage of fatigue

They don't curse

at the swine anymore

now they speak to them

with metaphors

with poetry

with the language

of angels & flowers

and it looks like

they are trying to

pick up the garbage

In the north

they placed the dog in a cage

and I put the cage in my car

and drove south

till we crossed the border

and I glanced at the dog

as I drove and I

looked at it

and it like a good sport

and I considered keeping it

to for myself

But the true magicians

are the money changers

they make 2 hundred

of my pesos disappear

in front of my eyes

I wish they would

work their magic doing

the exact opposite

Nonetheless I pushed

my shopping cart

through the isles of commerce

and one customer spoke

into his cellphone:

“It looks like nothing

happened to him

he must have made

a deal with the devil

or something because

he looks healthy & complete”

And I remembered

the ascetics that claimed

to know how to trick the devil

and I remembered their words

and how it really made sense

back then

but I also knew

the axiom

easier said than done

is usually right

and know I know

those holy fools

were right