Saturday, April 18, 2009


I love the world
Even though lies live
Underneath its surface

I care for the world
And when the lies were
Too much to bear
I began to walk alone

Seeing the world
All around me
With its vegetation
Its aridness
Its violence
And its charm

I found the invisible
Path of truth
On the narrow ways
And the cracks
Of forgotten streets

I love the world
And want to share it
With an honest apparition

A trustworthy vision
An authentic nightingale
A trustworthy moon

A reliable fire
Warm enough
To create the most
Fascinating events

Like lovers
Kissing in the water
Or walking down
The corridors of life


Dd said...

me gusta.

Blog Author said...

well done, indeed.

Martínez said...

Thanks guys... it's just a love poem.