Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"La fe es clandestina porque no se puede ver... la magia es la ilusión que todos ven..."


They always hurt
Some are entitled
Some are not
Sometimes deserved
Like random effects

Damages brake
And make new
When there’s
Good disposition

When things are bad
Damages just brake
Things or people
Into a million pieces
Each one
With its respective tear

The wonderful trees
You see on
The cemeteries
Of the world
Are irrigated
By such tears

The death
Providing salty water
Giving birth
To the filters
Of the planet

Have made of
Plastic Surgeons
A household name

Are a natural
As a lady
Who ages gracefully


Nelly Cervantes said...

Bien dicho!
Are a natural
As a lady
Who ages gracefully""

Martínez said...

Gracias Nelly.. a veces me salen bien las palabras...