Friday, April 24, 2009


He called me an invader
I considered the romantic notions
Of such claims

I told him a judge should determine
Such a thing

He said he doesn’t like
Courts & judges
But I think they’re okay

He asked for money
But I don’t have any
And its not my custom
To give money to those
Obsessed with my family

A type that likes
To take matters
Into his own hands
Willing to take chances
Like so many before him

The invader from the north
It almost sounds like
A Norteño Band

A dispute
With an eastern neighbor
It hardy sounds
Like something new

This is
Just the cost
Of living


Blog Author said...

costs of living
treat him like a Buda
or if he was Jesus
And see what happens

Martínez said...

A most interesting concept...