Thursday, April 23, 2009


She was the friend
Of my friend
Both were beautiful
I often wondered
Why I ended up
With beautiful friends

And she grabbed me
Under the table
And I looked at her
I was surprised
And she just smiled

I looked at my other friend
And she looked
More gorgeous than ever

The bar was smoky
And we were kids
Almost children
So many of us
We were happy
Back then

Fast-forward about 10 years
Into the future
And it happened again
This time by a pro
She was a professional dancer

She had a firm grip on me
And she began to question me
“What are you?”
She asked
I had to think fast
And all I could utter was:


My coworker
Almost laughed
As he drank his beer
And later that evening
He did laughed out loud
As he recounted the episode

“At least she let me go
Without hurting me”
I said

We were less happy then
But oddly enough
We laughed more


Blog Author said...

U know the rules for the narrative and you aply them well in this one. A story withing the free flow of thought. Well done Apache.

Martínez said...

I am just thankful I had the right answer for the right question...