Saturday, July 02, 2005

Yes, abolish the debt in Africa
But also in Latin America
And the Middle East
And all over the world
Where Visa & MasterCard
Have polluted the hopes
Of humanity
Make the bankers
The servants of the poor
Make charity
The world’s currency

Friday, July 01, 2005


One little kitten
He was homeless
With no food to eat
And no water to drink
And he found his house
Went inside
But his parents
Were hiding
And he said
Ah ha!
And looked for them
And he thought
They were
Under the bed
So he said
1, 2, 3
And then he looked
Under the bed
And he found them


Sitting with
My two boys
And one said
I love you
And both
Of them smiled
And they
Told me a story
About a little mouse
Who lost
Its dresser
And found it on
His parents
Coffee filter

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Con sus horizontes
De humo
Sus carreteras
Infectadas de accidentes
Galería de murales despreciables
Laberinto de calles adornadas
Con basura
Sus túneles de graffiti
Catacumbas actuales
De los perseguidos
Debajo de los
Múltiples y decrépitos
Letreros de Hollywood
Ciudad enemiga
De las infancias
Aquí las estrellas
Necesitan los trucos
De la cinematografía
Para poder brillar

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The CHP was on to him
But he kept
The accelerator pressed
Zigzagging in traffic
The black & white dichotomy
With flashing lights
And ungodly sounds
Right behind him
The congested freeway lanes
Brought the chase to a stop
The gunman got out
Of his police cruiser
Grabbed my friend
By his throat
And begun choking him
As he dragged him
Back to California
Back to the future
Back to Disneyland
Back to the wasteland
Back to the land
Of the chock—hold
His pride
Blinded him
With rage
The last milligrams
Of prudence
From his badge
He was asphyxiating him
In Mexico
And then there were shouts
Dark, fat & short customs
Were screaming in Spanish
Holding their pistols
And then all made sense
He took his hands off him
And raised them up
To the heavens
As if he was praying for his life
And began to walk backwards
Back to the way of the cowboy

Monday, June 27, 2005


The car was on fire
The elderly motorist
Put his oxygen mask on
And continued
Behind the wheel
Behind those ugly cars
Behind those abhorrent dreams
Behind in that
Wait of frustration
Behind happiness
Steadfast to his
Burning chariot
His life on the Line
As the firemen
Tried to rescue him
From crossing the border.