Saturday, April 15, 2006


Flows out
From your kisses
Love is
A matter of endurance
I can see
The conclusion
Around the corner
Of this strange bed


“Customer by the name
Of Barbara
Your party is waiting
On register 2”

The words came
From above
Not spiritually

I looked at
The front of the store
And did not see a party
At any of the
Cash registers

But I did remembered
My friend Barbara
Her revelry
Her playful wishes
On an
Indian summer
Around 9 PM
And it was
Not dark yet

I went back to work
Cleaning the shelves
Then I saw an avocado
And I looked like
The world

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I believe
With all my heart
That your love
Is sweeter
Than the honey
In your
Melodic hands
Sometimes Nirvana
Can be achieved
With a leap of faith

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Love affairs
Always have borders
Limitations of circumstance
Landmarks of selfishness
I can see
A barricade
In your heart
Larger than
The Berlin Wall
I will make it fall
It will become dust
A pulverized idol

Borders are
Like cheap hotel rooms
When those divisions vanish
A home will appear
Love will not be cheap anymore
Humanity will become sacred
Once again

The incisions
On the land
The stabbing of
The sand
The corrosion
In the waters
The dichotomy
In the hearts
Of children
Will heal better
Than the memory
Of a scar

The border has
A broken neck
Multiple fractures
On its spinal chord
The border is dead
All we see
Is a ghost
A malicious apparition

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The osprey
Prepare to levitate
They don’t need
To wait in line
To be sniffed
By drug addicted dogs
To be x—rayed
Stripped searched
They don’t depend
On gasoline
Their wings
Are better than
Border crossing cards