Friday, April 17, 2009


I proceeded towards the sink
When she asked me if
I didn’t care for anymore

I looked at her and she was
Glowing more than ever

I told her that it would be fine
As long as there was enough
For everybody

She smiled and said there
Was more than enough

She looked
Pretty & happy
And the kitchen comes alive
When she’s near the stove

If she was single
I would probably asked her out
Her husband must be
The luckiest man alive

I sat on the chair
Placed the plate on the table
Contemplated the food
Before me
Baptized with red salsa
And it looked
More beautiful
Than ever


Blog Author said...

The path of narrative is well versed in this one indeed.
Salutations, oh brother.

Martínez said...

Thanks... this is the love of food at a distance ...