Saturday, January 02, 2010


What you told me was true
You were not joking
Even though you laughed a lot
Forgive me for not believing

I meant good
I always meant good

When we would listen
To the band play
When we ate dinner
As you taught me
Of the likings
Of the people

I meant good

When you would ask me
To choose the seat
To enter a room
The check for
Anything unusual

I meant good

When you would talk
About magic
Trying to make me believe
In what you believe
So adamantly

I meant good

When you refuse
To sell the Italian pistol
When I felt
Like I was loosing
My patience

I meant good

When you were
Able to get into
Other people’s minds
In other places too

I meant good…

When I find out you died
I thought of you
And how you meant good

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