Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For D.A.

I let the ambulance go first
Then I followed

Near the ocean I saw my friend
Holding hands with a guy
She looked in love

I kept driving
We were listening to norteño music
And once in awhile
We would sing together
And laugh a little

Stopped at the tire shop
And the poor lad
Wanted to sell me everything
As if we were still living in the 90’s
I said no thanks
And drove away

I thought to myself:
Even if it was like before
I would have walked away anyway

It was more important
To have lunch

My son ordered a hot dog
I ordered a slice of pizza

We shared a soda
I let him pick the soft drink
And he chose a coke

I ate my cheese and pepperoni
With mushrooms and black olives

He ate his mustard and ketchup
With relish and white bread

He managed to get
The condiments
On his clothes

I handed him some napkins
And as he wiped the mustard
Off his clothes
Someone that looks like you
Walked by us

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