Tuesday, June 15, 2010


They were at the airport
On the ticket counter
He really looked like me
And she was wearing a dress

They were on this side
You were on the other side
Across the barrier
And soon to be
Across the ocean

I was breathing
European humidity
My pores still had
Your taste
My mind was swollen
With you image

But even ideas
Are charted with borders
The sky
The air
Everything is divided
Even the spirits have
Their claims on the clouds

In New York City
I walked through a maze
Looking for the exit
Trying to catch my next flight
Till I arrived at the X-ray machines

The agent told me to
To take off my boots and my belt
I did so
And then I heard
The voice of a woman

“Pretty soon we are going to get naked”

I look towards my left
And it was the woman with the dress
Her companion
The guy with my face
Was no were to be found

“I don’t think so”
I said
And she just smiled

I walked away
Looking for a place to rest
I sat next to large windows
I could see airplanes outside
A lady sat next to me
Opened a medical

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