Friday, March 26, 2010


I saw you there
And I said: god damn!
It has been such a long time!

But you look different
Like I did
And you acted different
Like I do

You were a skater now
And had an earring hanging
From your earlobe

There was still something
That would allow me to “know”
It was you

So I watched you use the skateboard
Outside your parents house

Your folks were sinister
We have been waiting to meet you
They said
Come on in and sit down
I did as I was told

And you were trashing
Your skateboard
Outside the front door

Then we went to witness
The work of the people together
We sat there
In the front rows
Watching the fellows from Africa
Do their thing

I turned my head towards the right
And the light was reflecting
On your silver hoop

And you looked
So cool
Like Ed Bradley

And remembered
That time
When that fellow
With the goatee
Was trying to convinced us
That when we ate nature
We ate God

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