Tuesday, June 29, 2010


First it was the darkness
Of your room
The sun of midday
Was trying to find cracks
Scanning and searching
The curtains
The walls
The ceiling
Any orifice where
A sliver of light
Could enter

Then you were
On top
Because you
Were slender
And then I was
On your body
Examining and entering
Your skin

It was the most sensible thing to do
It made sense to you
And it was alright with me

When the door was opened
We know it was time to go
Everybody towards their
Respective children

When the door was opened
There was sunlight everywhere
And that room
Was like any other room
In the world

You walked towards your obligations
Nonchalantly walked away
As if you had just drank
A glass of water
So I opened my eyes
And considered my next dream
As I started my day


Imola said...

A reverie filling one's morning? The lover who is never there, yet only seems to?

Well, what if there were no obligations? Can you imagine that?

Martínez said...

Dreams flow regardless of obligations...

Imola said...

Yet we cannot live through dreams...and it is our dreams that keep us from living...There is a thing called death, and the only way to escape fro it is through love...lived, and not dreamt (about)!

Martínez said...

Dreams are like thoughts... life continues with or without thoughts. Death is a spiritual state. Love is more than escapism...

Lilchippy! said...

I think in the first stanza, instead of enter, you could write crawl. Your poems are very interesting and good. I really like them.

Martínez said...

Good idea! and thanks for the tip...