Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I grabbed the movie and walk out the door
I thought it was late
And I drove in the night

And it was dangerous because the windows
Where wet with water that refused to disappeared

And I drove slow
Like when you want to make a good impression

I drove slow
Like when you feel tender & romantic
And it’s something more than sex

I drove slow
Because it was simply better to remain alive

I drove slow
Because sometimes you can’t trust your eyes

I drove slow
Like when you want to love the world
And save up some gasoline

I drove slow
Thinking it was not that slow as I took the corner

I drove slow
Remembering the time I wrecked on ice

I drove slow
And parked inside a stripped mall

I walked away form the car noticing the moisture
That must be corroding the lungs of America
And inside I gave money to the clerk
I gave him a green bill
And he gave me 2 blue bills and some coins back

I drove slow
Because I knew it was more dangerous than ever

I drove slow
Because I wanted to buy that soft drink

I drove slow
Because on the other side of the can soda
I found an Old No 7

I drove slow
For you
Because you got out of you car
And looked at me puzzled
In a business suit
And blue nylons
Your gray automobile
Parked next to mine

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