Saturday, November 07, 2009


The girl in black
Sprints on the sand
He hair like wings
Lifted by the ocean’s wind

She has an atomic smile
As she says:
Buenos días
I answered:
Buenos días
And I’m almost tempted
To tell her to raise her arms

A middle age woman
Runs in circles
Till exhaustion

She looks like a professor
Or some sort of scholar in distress

She stops running and places
Her right hand on her heart
Before finally collapsing
On the sand

The autochthonous woman
Swims in the waves
Clad in a black swimming suit

Despite the cold water
There’s no confusion
There is no cursing
It seems like she will do fine

The girl sitting
On the rock
Watching the spectacle
Reminds me of you

And the girl
Jogging in pink shorts
Has your profile

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