Sunday, January 04, 2009


It is the great sadness of the morning
The motion of my soul trying to escape
And being obstructed in my windpipe

This is my image of sorrow
Death by your side
By your beautiful side
Death next to you
Like it lingers around us
All the time

I still see you
Enchanting the road
With your mindful walk

The automobile destroyed
Your friend destroyed
Your hospital bed can be a sanctuary
And if you capture the flying imagery
You can survive because life
Does become beautiful

It is true that this is how you are
It is true that I see you in the future
At a better place
A place of fortitude & happiness
I believe you will survive in the
Glorious apparitions of your spirit

Luminous visions of medication
Holdfast to them because
These can change your life &
Make you see the sun
With different eyes

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